Virgin Media’s sustainability story – an introduction

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Here’s how we see it. Sustainability isn’t about ticking boxes, it’s about doing business in a way that’s good for people and the environment. That’s why our long-standing promise is to make sure the power of connectivity benefits our customers and the communities we’re part of, and that we grow our business responsibly.

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Our sustainability story starts here…

Today the world’s a different place from when Virgin Media was formed. Today more than ever before, we need to tackle a big challenge head on: growing as a business while taking more responsibility for our impact on the environment and society. Our aim? To use our digital know how, talented staff and that Virgin magic to create positive change – for our customers, their communities and Great Britain.

To achieve our vision we’re focusing our approach to sustainability on the power of digital technology to improve people’s lives. And that’s why we’ve called our story Digital that makes good things happen…

Our sustainability story has three chapters:

1. Responsibility

We’re taking responsibility for growing our business in a way that’s good for people and the wider world. We’ve identified our biggest issues and we’re working hard to manage them in a way that our staff and customers can be proud of.

2. Engagement

We’re using our powerful digital network and infrastructure to empower you to get the best out of your digital life. We know that there are some big challenges that need to be tackled head on, so we’ll be open and transparent about how things are. And work with you to help shape our digital future.

3. Innovation

We’re using digital to create new opportunities, like supporting the next generation of enterprising young people or providing innovative health care services – like Telestroke, which uses HD video conferencing technology to connect stroke patients with clinicians out of hours. We want to develop innovative projects that are good for the future of our business and for everybody else too.

Managing sustainability: who’s doing what?

We need to grow a responsible business, inside out, top to bottom. So the job has to sit with all of us – whether you’re in Support, Serve, Growth or Virgin Media Business. Want to make sure you’re involved? Keep reading…

Our Corporate Responsibility Committee

Our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Committee (bit of a mouthful) makes sure we tackle our top priorities. It’s chaired by our CEO Tom, and includes people in charge of each of our business functions. The Committee meets every quarter to review performance against targets and discuss key issues.

Managing issues day-to-day

To help us manage things day by day, we rely on our people. Take our fleet manager, for example, they’re tasked with improving the environmental impact of our company vehicles. Or there’s our Logistics team, who make sure our electrical waste gets disposed of or reused in the right way. Then there’s our Sustainability team, who facilitate and communicate all activity – including to Liberty Global and the Virgin Group.

Where you fit in

We’ve all got a part to play. Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Take a read through our handy intro guide to sustainability at Virgin Media it contains all the info you need to know. Click here to have a look.

2. Join our Tap community, Digital Does Good. Here you can find out all about our latest sustainability initiatives, share your thoughts on where we can improve through our live discussions and find out more about how you and your team can get involved.

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