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Our Purpose & Values


Our Purpose

Sure, we do amazing stuff. But it’s what we’re here for and what we stand for that’s particularly, well … amazing.

Building connections that really matter.

It’s why we exist, and why we do what we do.

Not many companies have the power to connect people and help them find meaning and purpose in this sometimes crazy and, complex world. We do. And that’s something we can all be proud of. Because at Virgin Media, we have the power to change lives for the better.

Our Values

Insatiable Curiosity

We’re adventurous and inventive, and we never stop questioning – “What if?”, “Why not?” – so we never miss a trick.

Delightfully Surprising

We look for unexpected ways to delight. We love connecting with people. We believe thoughtful little touches add up to a big difference.

Heartfelt Service

If it matters to you, then it matters to us. We’re warm, inclusive and down to earth. We care about our customers, and each other.

Smart Disruption

We’re not afraid to go our own way, challenge the rules and swerve the norms to find new and exciting ways to punch above our weight.

Straight Up

We’re honest, decent and straight-talking. We stick up for what’s right – and hold our hands up if we get it wrong.

Red Hot Relevance

We’re spirited, brave and progressive. We stand out in a world of same-same.

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