10 minutes with Paul Main

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Hi Paul, lovely to finally meet you! So you’re a Regional Sales Manager for Direct Sales, how long have you worked for Virgin Media?

Hi Roxy! Great to meet you too, I’ve been with the business for 20 years now.

Wow, that's a long time! What’s made you stay in the business for so long?

Virgin Media is such a great company to work for especially if you’re looking to hone your skills, progress and be the best at what you do. I joined in the 90’s when we were known as Telewest. I left the business for a brief period because I thought the grass was greener. I've never been so wrong, I realised my mistake quickly and came straight back.

I started off as a doorknocker and have worked my way up to be a Regional Sales Manager. There is so much potential, you just have to work for it.

I’m 44 now and I have basically spent my entire life here. I made the decision a long time ago that I wanted to be the best at what I do, so I threw myself into my role and now I manage 135 employees.

What advice would you give to someone looking to work within your team?

Honestly, I don’t like recruiting. The reason being is because I don’t like the thought of replacing any of my team. They are all excellent at what they do and we are a real unit. I like to think that I create a good place to work, and that’s what it’s all about -motivating the team to get the job done.

However, when I am recruiting for a role, it’s because I’m expanding within my area. I’m the biggest advocate of our products and I want the person who is looking for a job to feel that energy, that belief because Sales within this business is a lifestyle.

I want them to feel like Charlie Bucket when he found his golden ticket. That’s what a career in Direct Sales is - a golden opportunity.

If you were asked to describe what Direct Sales does, to someone with no knowledge, what would you say?

To go out and visit the general public every day and share with them the benefits of signing up to the exciting products that Virgin Media has to offer. We provide a service to the public that will make their lives so much better. That’s what Direct Sales is all about.

Why is Direct Sales a good place to work? Are there any hidden benefits?

Whilst the role is predominately 12 – 9 there is flexibility within the role. We are structured but fun. If you have something you need to attend to one evening, that’s fine as it’s about the result, if you’re on target then there is no problem.

Why should someone consider a job in Direct Sales?

You manage your own time, you predominately work alone speaking to people from every walk of life. In my 20 years in this company, I have seen so many wild and wonderful things, from police raids to childbirth, and some stories that I should keep to the pub ha-ha. But every day is so different and exciting you never know what the day brings.

What makes someone successful in Direct Sales?

Enjoy what you do and have fun with it. Every NO at the door takes you closer to the Yes. You have to believe in the brand and that what you offer is absolutely first class, so the question you must always remind yourself of is “ Why would people say no to me?” don’t give up! The role can change your life like it did mine.

What piece of advice would you give to someone considering a job in Direct Sales?

Have a life goal, as this business can deliver that. My first house was £32K, I am now fortunate enough to spend that amount on car. Nothing is out of your reach; with unlimited earning potential everything you wish for is possible. I have done it. So can you!

What support is available to someone joining your team?

Full support is available at all times, no matter your background. If you have solid foundations, we can build the castle. You need drive, determination, commitment, enthusiasm and the will to win and be the best. We will do the rest. Myself, my management team will mold you into something spectacular.

What could the future hold for someone joining your team?

The future can be whatever you wish it to be. I was a Sales rep in the 90’s and I’m now a Regional Sales Manager looking after a large amount of the UK, so anything is possible if you work hard enough and you want it enough.

Enjoy what you do, have fun with it. Always strive for greatness, trust me when I say that determination and drive is noted and you will reap the benefits of your success.

If you could job swap with one person within our business for a day, who would it be and why?

Erm… that’s a tough question. I think if I had a choice, I would like to be Sales Director. The reason behind that is because one day I would like to do a national role. Right now, I only have the power to effect change in my area of the business. However, as a Sales Director, I would be able to reach more people. Helping them to shape their careers and feel motivated to be successful. I would love that.

Interested in a career in Direct Sales?

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