Here to check out what Virgin Media Business Sales has to offer? We like a bit of curiosity. Come take a look at what we bounce out of bed for in the morning.

Virgin Media Business has one platform, which represents everything we offer. At the core of our platform is our £13 billion network. It’s fast. It’s fibre optic. It’s nationwide. But our network is only as good as the products that connect to it. Which is why we place so much importance on our voice and data solutions and on the benefits of consolidated services.

After that, there are all the applications and software that we curate to help our customers transform their organisations. And finally, wrapped around everything we do, is our customer service, which of course is dedicated and highly involved.

And how about us, the people right at the heart of Virgin Media, what inspires us?

Manifestos? Too lofty. Mission statements? Too starchy. A call to arms from a fearless leader? That only lasts a few hours. What really gets us going are opportunities. They’re out there. The problem is they don’t always knock.

In business sales, it’s our job to seize opportunities from the complexity in our customer’s worlds. We do it for our customers, one opportunity at a time, so that it’ll all add up to faster growth for them and, ultimately, for UK business overall.

But all of this stuff doesn’t just happen on its own….we need really great sales stars who make sure that every day is their best day. Who understand that it’s not just what you do but, just as importantly, how you do it.

Strike a chord? Apply below. We look forward to meeting you soon.