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What to bring to interview

There are certain pieces of documentation we need you to bring to your interview. But we won't do anything with this information unless you accept an offer of employment with us.

For each piece, we need you to bring both:

  • The documents themselves, which you take home afterwards (the person interviewing you needs to see the originals)
  • Photocopies of the documents, to leave with us

The three documents we need you to bring the originals and copies of are:

Document 1: Proof of your legal right to work in the UK

If you're a UK citizen, the document usually quickest to hand is your UK passport. We need you to copy three different parts of your passport:

  • The front cover
  • The first inside double page
  • The double page with your picture and personal details

It may sound odd that we need the first two parts (as they aren't specific to you), but we're required to gather this by law as it shows additional information about your passport type.

If you don't have a UK passport, or aren't a UK citizen, that's fine. Click on this link for guidelines about other documents we can accept.

Document 2: Your proof of address

There are several documents you could bring as proof of your address, including:

  • A utility bill, e.g. gas, landline, cable, water (please note, this does not include a mobile phone bill)
  • An insurance certificate
  • A statement from your bank/mortgage provider/credit card company/building society/store card provider
  • A payslip or P45 from a previous employer
  • Something from a government agency, e.g. council tax, TV licence, Inland Revenue letter

For us to accept it, this document needs to have both your name (not someone else's) and the address on it. It also needs to be dated within the last two months, so we know it's up to date.

If you don't have one of these documents, don't worry. Simply get in touch with your recruitment contact to discuss alternative forms of proof of your address.

Document 3: Your paper driving licence (if applicable)

We only need a copy of your driving licence if you've applied for a role that comes with a company vehicle or car allowance. Please note, in this case, we need to see the paper licence, not just the card.

If the role you're applying for doesn't come with a company vehicle or car allowance, you don't need to bring this.

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