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Got what it takes to sell our great products? This section will help you to find out.

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Careers in Retail

Our stores are no ordinary stores. Here we're leading the field with a concept that's a first in the UK market - selling TV, broadband, phone and mobile services as a package on the high street. With really cool stuff like a 'try before you buy' desk, customer jukebox and plasma screens, we've created a whole new experience for our customers.

They're no ordinary stores to work in either. There's personality, passion, and a lively atmosphere. There's also plenty of talking. We think it's important to listen carefully to our customers. And what you offer them will be based on what they tell you. Sure, we've got targets. But there's no hard sell. You're the expert. You'll understand their needs, give advice and show them you know your stuff. In a nutshell, you'll give them what they came in for.

Retail lite opportunities

‘Shops without walls.’ These are set to be the next big thing. Trust us. This is where we set up stands in shopping centres around the UK to take our fantastic products and great customer service to even more customers. Just think about it. You’ll be able to spot potential customers at a hundred paces. And show off our bundles and your knowledge to an even bigger audience.

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Retail Store Careers

Retail Managers

Whether you’re a regional, store or assistant manager, getting the best out of people is what you’re best at. You inspire, motivate and ensure people have fun and enjoy what they do. Looking after our store teams means we stay at the top of our game. It’s all about empowering people, rewarding them for their success and making sure they're happy. Above all, you lead by example. You’re the ideal role model.

Retail customer sales executives

Wow! That’s what our customers will think of your amazing customer service. You won’t hard sell. You won’t baffle them with jargon. You’ll just listen and give straight-talking advice. And with award winning coaching and training from day one, you’ll soon be able to guide our customers through a technology-led world from super-fast broadband to the latest mobile phones.

And don’t worry, we won’t mould you into somebody you don’t want to be. We just want you to be you. You’ve got bags of enthusiasm, good retail experience and a passion for customer service and sales – in fact, everything you need to go far.

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