CRM Manager - Protection and Retentions

London - West

Location: Hammersmith


CRM Manager - Protection and Retentions

London, Hammersmith W68BS

Salary - Competitive + benefits

Job Purpose

The role of a CRM Manager - Protection & Retentions is to protect the Virgin Media from downspin and churn across the customer base.
This job role is to contribute to campaigns, plans and work streams to deliver a customer base of 5.5 million customers that is less susceptible to downspin through products tiers and churn from the brand.

Using currently available and future customer insight, measurement, customer rewards and excellent customer communications the team will develop a series of communication programmes to halt the churn and downspin of customers within the base.

These plans will touch on but not be limited to the following:

- A planned, customer centric retention strategy
- A strategy and plan of proving value to customers to reduce churn
- A strategy and plan to prove value to each tier or product to reduce churn
- To understand, test and roll out the Virgin Media generosity strategy including the commercial model behind it with the commercial team.

Principle Responsibilities

The role will be responsible for contributing strategically and in the delivery of the plans and work streams to deliver a customer base that is less susceptible to downspin through products and churn from the brand.

Principal responsibilities of the role within the protection and retention team

- Delivery of campaigns that bring the generosity work stream to life.
-Taking an active part in and delivering the Virgin RED plans, including development of new offers and events with the Virgin RED team.
- Delivery of the campaigns to drive 5 million good things to customers
- Delivery of campaigns to support the new retention strategy, including working on a test and learn plan for retention.
- Delivery of campaigns to block downspin, including working on a test and learn plan for downspin blocking.
- Delivery of Value statement and value campaigns based on the strategy to prove and drive value perception within the customer base.

Measurement of the role

- Downspin rates from from different products
- Churn rate from the Virgin media brand
- Engagement in the generosity programme
- NPS of customers within this cycle

Key Interfaces

Marketing team - Working with the rest of the marketing to understand how the customer communications experience can be improved and integrated with the other marketing plans and projects.

Insights Function- understanding the customer base and the movements within the base is critical to success in this role. To truly get the most from this team a close working relationship.

Commercial teams- the interface with the commercial team is vital as this team are the lead stakeholders in the world of customer base management. They will be partners in developing the plans and understanding the commercial outcomes of the world that is being developed.

Campaign operations- The team that deliver our campaigns to sender systems is again critical in the delivery of the work to customers. Having a positive working relationship with this team with enhance the customer communications world.

Agencies- We work with a number of leading agencies, agency management in terms of both relationship and performance is skill that will need to be developed in this role.

Required Key skills

- Ability to run concurrent projects across numerous stakeholders
-Keen understanding of data driven customer insight and how impacts on communications.
-A real functional understanding of a customer lifecycle and managing one
- Good Numerical skills and commercial understanding
- High level of attention to detail and focus in delivering complex projects.

Required Qualifications / Experience

- Degree educated, preferably within a relevant field
- Experience within a customer marketing function within Telco or Entertainment industry
- Understanding of customer segmentation, targeting and how to work with large data sets
- A good understanding of the marketing channels used in customer marketing