Making the most of Bupa Healthy Minds


Since I was about 16, I’ve suffered with my stomach and there is not a single day I don’t get pain, sickness and anxiety. 

Anxiety is a scary word and it conjures all sorts of thoughts and feelings. I’m confident in myself, I’ve been called unflappable and I don’t take life too seriously, but it’s difficult to think straight in a meeting when you suddenly get chest pain, spasms in your gut or back pain so intense you think you’ve damaged something.

The worst part of pain is not knowing what it is. The Bupa Medical Plan gave me every possible test and proved to my anxious mind that I’m not about to explode. They did it quickly and without any fuss. When a new pain hit, I was able to see a specialist and get checked out.

Now I know that the pains are just part of being me and I can manage them without the worry.

I also use Bupa to see a physiotherapist when my pain gets a bit much. Although they are not able to treat the source, they can help calm the flare-ups and relax my muscles.

I’ve worked with Bupa Healthy Minds to look at stress management and how to understand my body. For me, the therapies and relaxation didn’t help, but pain management did. Suggested and funded through Bupa Healthy Minds, I was able to speak to someone experienced in pain management to help me understand how my body responded to pain and how I become tense and focused on it.

With her support, I have been able to accept things will hurt, and not to assume the worst. It’s made my life so much more relaxed.