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At Virgin Media we believe you should love what you do. So if you池e as passionate about TV, the web and phones as we are, we値l show you how to make a career of them.

As an engineering apprentice with Virgin Media, you値l learn how to install our technology and services, how to fix them, how to upgrade them. And how to look after the customers who use them.

While you池e learning, you値l earn a good salary and great benefits, including fantastic deals on Virgin Media products and services.

Whether you池e looking for your first job or thinking about an alternative to university, it痴 your attitude that really counts. We like to work with people who are determined to provide a brilliant service to our customers. That means being committed to learning and progressing every day. Really committed.

We値l help you make the most of your potential but you値l have to work hard too. You値l get out and about with experienced technicians to learn on the job. You値l get to attend courses at our state-of-the-art national training centre. We値l also set aside time in the working week for your personal study. Plus, you値l have a manager who takes the time to get to know you and support you.

We want you to aim for the top and we値l do everything we can to help you get there.

What's our apprenticeship scheme really like? Here's your chance to hear it from the Hero's mouth.